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a musical and Catholic education grows the hearts and minds of young men

what we do

create an atmosphere of choral masterworks, daily Mass, and critical thinking

so that

they become thoughtful students, disciplined performers, and virtuous young men


Welcome to the Saint Paul's Choir School Virtual Open House! It is my sincere pleasure to share with you what makes Saint Paul's such a special place to educate your child. It is not just that we are an all-boys Catholic day school in the center of Harvard Square. And it is not just that we are an internationally-touring Choir School with a rich history that dates to our founding in 1963. The school is special because of its mission.

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Patrick Moran

Director of Admissions


Join us for our upcoming events


400 Hymns in 4 hours!

APR 5 3:00 pm

honoring the virgin mary

APR 25 4:30 pm

Concert & reception

MAY 12 3:00 pm

Concert at jordan hall

MAY 26 4:00 pm

Join Us for Faure's Requem

Experience the choir school at its finest!

Access our recorded events!

  • Love Came Down: Our annual Christmas in Harvard Square celebration from 2021, featuring the debut of original carol Love Came Down at Christmas, based upon the poem of the same name by Christina Rosetti.
  • Vespers for san zeno: Enjoy a vespers service sung in celebration of the church whose architecture inspired Saint Paul's.
  • Faure's Requiem: Experience one of the most celebrated requiem mass settings in music history.
  • Songs of Springtime: A concert for the Marian month, featuring the North American debut of "lost" villancico Quien Es Aquella by Manuel de Zumaya.
  • Starry Night: Our annual Christmas in Harvard Square celebration from 2020, featuring pieces composed by our founder, Ted Marier, and professional cinematography.
360 Virtual Tour
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Virtually Touring

Saint Paul's Choir School
  • See a three-dimensional layout of each school floor of the building.

  • Navigate a 360-degree self-guided tour of your chosen floor and all rooms for students.

  • Experience the music, photographs, videos, and recordings that embody the Saint Paul's Choir School experience.

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Upcoming Events
About Saint Paul's Choir School

About Saint Paul's Choir School

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Learn more

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"The Choir School's greatest strength is in the formation of these young men. The traits grown though musicianship, camaraderie, and faith are lifelong."

Patrick moran
assistant principal

"As a Catholic institution, we form boys in every dimension - intellect, body, and heart. Graduates go on to act as a force for justice, peace, beauty, and progress in our society."

Dr. Thomas Haferd
Head of School
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At Saint Paul's we are a

school in


Fast Facts

about Saint Paul's Choir School

SPCS Logo No Background.png

About the boys


Capacity of 60



Grade levels offered


Average class size


Student to teacher ratio


About the Music


Sung Masses every week


Rehearsals every week


Minutes of choral practice every week

About the academics


Eight hour school day matches parents' work day


Classes per day


Students learn in a classically-inspired school environment. All students take Rhetoric, Music Theory, and Latin


To build their literary, grammatical, and spelling skills, all students take two language classes: English Language Arts and Latin.

Fast Facts
I Don't Know If I'm Good at Singing!


Even if your son hasn't sung before, our audition process merely looks for potential. We ask boys to sing a familiar song and sing back single notes played on a piano. That's it! 

Our rehearsals take the boys from their natural starting place and train them to be members of a world-class choir.


Saint Paul's Choir School offers 655 minutes of choral practice each week, including five sung Masses and nine rehearsals. Training takes place at the school during and just after the school day.

"The singing is amazing. I couldn't sing when I came to this school. When you come to this school, you're trained. You go in and you think 'Oh my gosh, I'm gonna fail, I'm gonna be the worst at singing, I've never done this before in my life.' But when you go and you're a pre-chorister, you learn all the music. You learn what to do, and so then once you get into the choir, it feels natural." 

I don't know if I'm good at singing!

8 Questions Parents Ask When They Change Schools...

and why Saint Paul's Choir School is the answer.

When parents are new to the choir school, they bring a range of questions and concerns. These eight questions speak to the specific reasons that so many parents have chosen Saint Paul's Choir School. Read the full article.

Does your son's school make him feel like Superman? / How well does your son's teacher know him? / Are you looking for more prayer in your son's life? / If your son sings with the radio, why not with peers? / Does your son's day affirm learning with every step? / Want to see the world with your son? Why not start now? / At the end of your son's school day, how big is his smile? / Are you hoping the door to someplace special will open?

8 Questions copy 2.jpg
8 Questions
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