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Rooted in the faith that we are created in the image and likeness of God with the capacity for reason and the ability to know the Truth as revealed to us by God, the Saint Paul’s Choir School Program of Studies is designed to inculcate in students a love of learning and an attentiveness to growth in musical and intellectual virtue. Students are introduced to music and academic disciplines as giving them unique lenses through which they can vigorously engage with the deepest and most profound questions about the world that human beings ever asked. Attention is given to forming students with a solid background knowledge in each discipline while also helping them begin developing independent thinking skills in reading analytically, asking profound questions, thinking logically, solving problems, and expressing their thoughts in clear writing. The approach is broadly interdisciplinary, helping to show students the interconnectedness of all human knowledge. Students who successfully complete the Program of Studies are well-prepared to enter competitive high schools. They leave Saint Paul’s with a strong musical and academic foundation and with the skills and habits necessary to pursue further work in high school, college, and life.

Students demonstrate the function of mathematics in life.

Students become competent and capable readers and writers who take pride in their ability to express themselves.

Students identify and form nuanced and prudential judgments about historical development and change.

Students look at the created world with eyes of wonder and ask vigorous and precise intellectual questions.

Students grow in Catholic theology, spirituality, and moral formation.


Students learn the basic elements of the Latin language in prose and song.

Students develop the fundamentals of the French language and culture.

Students participate in coaching sessions in the art and craft of public speaking.


Students develop basic skills needed for legible handwriting in both print and cursive.



Students learn the ability to plan, strategically solve problems, self-regulate behavior.

executive function


Students take pride in their ability to express their thoughts in clear written form.

writing workshop

Students are supported with managing the different components of high school applications.

High School Prep


Eighth-graders study a philosophical question with eight different presenters and write a thesis.


Students at an all-boys school need to move!

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