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Welcome to the Saint Paul's Choir School admissions page!

Located in Harvard Square, Saint Paul’s Choir School provides boys in grades 3–8 an extraordinary learning experience that integrates rigorous academics with the performance of choral masterworks. Rooted in excellence, camaraderie, and integrity, Saint Paul’s Choir School prepares students to achieve their highest potential, excel in the strongest secondary schools, and make a positive difference in the lives of others.


At Saint Paul’s Choir School, classes are small and motivation is high among both students and teachers, making for a focused, energetic, and creative classroom environment. As a school for boys, Saint Paul’s Choir School shares an appreciation for the intensity and complexity of boyhood, and celebrates and values everything it means to be a boy. Saint Paul’s Choir School seeks to form good men.The Choir School experience is life changing.

Saint Paul’s Choir School is a Catholic all-boys school that embraces the universality of virtues, faith, and human dignity. We welcome students who…

  • Ask questions – Boys who are open to spirituality and want to learn more about the world around them can become excellent students and choristers.

  • Want to join a team – Boys with a desire to be a part of something larger than themselves can become excellent students and choristers. 

  • Love to play – Boys with plenty of energy and who find joy in play can become excellent students and choristers.

  • Are good friends – Boys who exhibit kindness towards their classmates can become excellent students and choristers.

  • Want to explore – Boys with an adventurous spirit who want to explore the world around them through the classical music tradition can become excellent students and choristers.

Join us for our upcoming events

400 Hymns in 4 hours!
APR 5 3:00 pm
honoring the virgin mary
APR 25 4:30 pm
Concert & reception

MAY 12 3:00 pm
Concert at jordan hall

MAY 26 4:00 pm

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Schedule a call with our Director of Admissions. 

Ask questions, tell us about your son, and learn more about the school!


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You and your son are just four steps away from joining our wonderful community!



The best way to learn more about Saint Paul's Choir School is to spend some time with us! MORE



Complete an application to the school and an application for financial aid. MORE





Once admitted to the school, we will share the complete enrollment package with you. MORE

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