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Why a Catholic education?


Our Catholic faith tradition informs nearly every aspect of SPCS.


The mission of a Catholic School isn't to just help a boy get into a great high school or later a great college — it is to point a boy toward Heaven and to choose a purpose in life that positively impacts others.


Every boy studies the basic beliefs and faith practices of Catholicism and comes to appreciate the 2,000-plus year history and the reasons why one billion people share the Catholic faith across the world today.


In recognition of the importance of prayer in order to grow in relationship with God, Holy Mass is celebrated each school day.


It is the hope that through the singing of the Mass and understanding the rich musical tradition of the Church, each boy will appreciate at a deeper level the power of God in his life and thus respond as faith-filled individuals.


Attending Mass for Catholic boys also involves so much more than singing and serving. It also involves the reception of Holy Communion, which as Catholics we believe is a sacramental encounter with Jesus. Non-Catholic students approach the priest for a prayerful blessing at this time.

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