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Top Ten Things to Know about the Music Program

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The rehearsal room at Saint Paul's Choir School is custom-designed for the best acoustics possible. It features handmade choir stalls from which the boys rehearse and a Steinway piano.

The boys sing choral and liturgical masterworks. The boys of Saint Paul's Choir School sing works by Britten, Marier, Parry, and Rheinberger among many others.

Our motto states "Repleatur os meum laude tua," which loosely translates to "Let my mouth be filled with God's praise." The motto captures our belief that the boys' work during the Mass is not just to sing praise but also to elevate the prayers of the congregation to God's ears.

Choristers at Saint Paul's Choir School sing from the choir loft of Saint Paul's Church. The acoustics of the building are designed to capture the same incredible sound as the finest churches in Europe. In fact, the church's footprint - choir loft included - is based upon the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore in Verona, Italy.

The organ at Saint Paul's has seen numerous iterations over its 100+ year history. Today, it still produces the classic sound needed to add beauty to the liturgy. Saint Paul's Choir School is also home to organ scholars and organ instruction for boys who advance past piano instruction.

Included in tuition is one-on-one piano instruction with a top-tier instructor. Each boy at Saint Paul's Choir School is enrolled in ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) lessons in piano. Boys are taught and progress according to their ability.

Did you know that our pastor, Fr. William Kelly, is an alumnus of the school? His vision and guidance of our boys is rooted in the firsthand knowledge of what it means to be a chorister at Saint Paul's Choir School. He often remarks that it was while celebrating a Mass as a choirboy that he first felt called to the priesthood.

In addition to piano lessons and singing the Masses, boys study music theory at Saint Paul's Choir School. In the younger grades, they engage in rhythm and movement based on Dalcroze eurhythmics.

Saint Paul's Choir School is also a touring choir. Pictured here, the boys pose outside of Mozart's birthplace in Salzburg, Austria. Taken in early 2020, this photograph is a part of the Germany-Austria tour in which the boys sang at Salzburg Cathedral, the Frauenkirche, Heilig Geist, and Koln Cathedral!

It just doesn't feel like Christmas without the Saint Paul's Choir School concert or the celebration of services with the sights and sounds of the boy choir. Whether in person or recorded, Saint Paul's is an integral part of the Harvard Square holiday experience.

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