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Family Favorite 2023!

To quote The Beatles, we couldn't have done it without "a little help from our friends." Thank you!

Saint Paul's Choir School has been awarded Boston Parents Paper's Family Favorite award for 2023! With our most sincere thanks for your support, we can honor our students and boy choristers with this wonderful award! Please help us spread the word about our wonderful school and the mission that you have so kindly helped us support.

Saint Paul's Choir School's award category is Middle School - Religious. Thank you once more for casting your vote for our school!

In our 60th Anniversary year, it is an absolute delight to receive this level of recognition. Our school is, as most know, quite small. Small class sizes help us in so many ways: we have a nimble, responsive choral program built around a team of trebles. We have a phenomenal academic program that is built around the individual attention and development of our students. We have lovely families and a dedicated faculty and administration that make this school tick. Last, but not least, we have such remarkable young men that constitute our student body and choir.

Because we are a school of 45, though, we did not expect to have a large reach outside of our community. We are humbled by the vote turnout for Saint Paul's Choir School in this award season. Moreover, we are so honored to have represented not only Saint Paul's Parish, but also the Archdiocese, the Catholic Schools Office, and Harvard Square.

Founded in 1963, Saint Paul's Choir School continues to follow its core mission in 2023. At Saint Paul's Choir School today we still live out the motto Repleatur os meum laude tua. We still practice the Ward Method by studying music in four distinct ways: through rehearsal, the regular singing of Mass, academic study of music theory, and hands-on practice through piano instruction.

Repleatur os meum laude tua Fill my voice with the Lord's praise

In celebration of our 60th Anniversary, Saint Paul's Choir School sang for Pope Francis, sang with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, toured Italy, including Rome, Assisi, Florence, Siena, and Venice, hosted a Diamond Jubilee Gala in honor of Ted Marier and his family at the Harvard Club, traveled to Washington, D.C. to sing two Masses and one concert, were featured on the podcast Embrace Everything, released a new album featuring Faure's Requiem, published its graduates' Capstone essays, and now we have also been blessed with the Family Favorite 2023 award from Boston Parents Paper.

What a year!

Even better, there is more to come!



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