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Podcasts That Will Get Your Toes Tapping

Our third and fourth graders are big fans of "bad" jokes. Not too long ago, I overheard this one:

Q: How do dolphins get their news?
A: Through podcasts!

Because our students aren't all living in Cambridge (one comes from as far as Fitchburg and another from the North Shore!), they listen to quite a bit of radio and - of course - podcasts with their parents. Even our Red Line riders can be seen with their earbuds firmly in place, a podcast on play.

If you're a fellow commuter or podcast aficionado, have we got some news for you!

Saint Paul’s Choir School is proud to be a part of multiple excellent programs this year.

On America Media’s Hark! The Stories Behind Our Favorite Christmas Carols, you can hear Saint Paul’s Choir School on the episode about The Carol of the Bells.

On Embrace Everything: The World of Gustav Mahler, you can hear not only our music, but also the insights of chorister Eamonn Greiner, who recounts singing Symphony No. 3 with the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Benjamin Zander earlier in 2022. You'll hear Mr. Greiner at the end of episode five, "What the Angels Tell Me," which releases on December 19 at the link above.

Since 1963, the sights and sounds of Harvard Square have shaped - and been shaped by - our choristers. To be a part of bringing them to a worldwide audience has been a thrilling experience. The boys of Saint Paul’s Choir School have traveled the world to sing God’s praises and choral masterworks, they have recorded concerts and albums with international releases, and sung with world-renowned performers and performing groups (Seiji Ozawa, Benjamin Zander, and John Williams, among them!).

And now we can add podcasts to the repertoire. We hope that you enjoy!


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