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CD Launched - Christmas in Harvard Square

Dear Friends,

Today is a day of great rejoicing at St. Paul’s Choir School!  Our long-anticipated and first international recording of the St. Paul’s Choir of Boys and Men – Christmas in Harvard Square – debuts today after months of effort to bring the great tradition that is the Choir School to the world stage. 

This recording, under the renowned Decca label in collaboration with AimHigher Recordings promises to not merely cheer our hearts during the Christmas season, but more importantly, it promises to inspire us to embrace anew the great gift of the Incarnation of our Blessed Lord Jesus, the Word made flesh, during this most holy season.

I am so very grateful to John Robinson, our most dedicated and gifted music director. It is thanks to his determination and commitment to the renaissance of St. Paul’s Choir School that this day has arrived.  The Choir has never sounded better, and the enthusiasm of the boys to engage such special music on a daily basis is a testament to John’s professionalism and love of a tradition that has shaped choir schools the world over for centuries.

I encourage you to place your order for Christmas in Harvard Square today!  I am asking everyone to please order your CDs now and not to wait, because if we have a robust sales showing in the first week, we have the chance to chart on the recording industry’s famous Billboard (and we are aiming for this great opportunity!) We are within striking distance of achieving this, so please forward the link to your contacts ASAP and join us in encouraging the early orders from our community and beyond. Also, you should know that a significant amount of the proceeds goes directly to support the mission and life of St. Paul’s Choir School.

Finally, as we celebrate this roll-out of Christmas in Harvard Square, I ask you to please “Save the Date” for a special celebration to mark this new recording on Saturday, November 15th at St. Paul’s.  That evening, following the 5:00 PM Mass, the Choir will sing at the Harvard Square Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and a festive celebration will follow back at St. Paul’s in DiGiovanni Hall.  More details will be forthcoming.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Choir School and our new CD, Christmas in Harvard Square! We pray that as this recording reaches many people, more will come to cherish the great gift of our Choir School well beyond the borders of Harvard Square.

God bless you all,

Father Michael E. Drea




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