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10 Reasons to Love the Gala

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Our annual gala is returning! After two long years without our annual celebration, Saint Paul's Choir School is happy to return to the Venezia in Boston!

The annual gala is the main fundraiser for the Saint Paul's Choir School Scholarship Fund, a worthy cause for your generous support. There are at least ten other things that will make it a memorable evening!

The annual gala is a celebration for - and of - the families that make Saint Paul's Choir School the wonderful place that it is. Not only do families support each Mass that the boys sing and each event that they attend, but they also organize the gala itself! Join us for a beautiful evening made up of the moments that families will remember forever: mothers, fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all together to support the boy choristers and the school they attend.

A remarkable testament to the friendships made at Saint Paul's Choir School, the gala is often the site of both pre-planned and impromptu reunions. The last time we celebrated in person, the graduates of the classes of 2016, 2017, and 2018 purchased a table! These friends didn't just put their mark on Saint Paul's Choir School, but on the fun and meaningfulness that our alumni bring to such events!

Set at the Venezia in Boston, the annual gala is always an evening of elegance. It is the perfect setting for just such an event: from the ballroom overlooking Boston Harbor to the centerpieces, the barware to table settings, the music to the black-tie service, it is a meal fit for royalty. This year we are looking forward to toasting to the choir, the boys, the school, and its scholarships with you, our families, and Boston's very own Kerry Kavanaugh (FOX 25) as emcee and Saint Paul's Choir School's legendary past music director, John Dunn.

Everyone knows that the annual gala is also the most perfect concert! When the boy choristers of Saint Paul's Choir School take the stage for their performance, it is with heartfelt gratitude for the support they receive and the unconditional love they show their family in the audience. To be present - to hear the boys sing the praises of God for the love of their parents - is to hear the liturgical and choral masterworks at their height.

The centerpiece of the gala is its live auction. Sure to bring out the competitor in even the mildest of your friends, the friendly competition fuels so much of the fun! Better yet, everyone wins when scholarships to Saint Paul's Choir School are the prize (not to mention travel packages, unheard-of sports seating, and experiences in Boston and beyond!). Moreover, everyone feels the warmth of God when we come together to so beautifully support the rich traditions of the Church and choir.

It is with great pride that we celebrate the man at the heart of so much of Saint Paul's Choir School's history, Mr. John Dunn. Assistant Director of Music and Organist to founder Ted Marier, and Director of Music for 20 years, John Dunn oversaw six album recordings and the transition into a brand-new building (our current home), among the innumerable performances and sung Masses. It is upon his shoulders that we stand today, and we are proud to honor him!

After two years of take-out, prepare for delicious table service! The Venezia is well-known for its incredible dishes, and the offerings on March 19 will not disappoint. From passed hors d'oeuvre to the full meal and the bar to dessert, you'll be treated to a culinary feast! Get your cell phone ready to take plenty of delicious food photos!

We join together to support the mission of Saint Paul's Choir School. What better testament to this than the gathering of current choristers, alumni, the men of the choir, and our very own pastor and member of the Class of 76, Father Kelly? Seeing them all take the stage at our last gala and hearing how beautifully they sang together, was a moving show of solidarity and support for Saint Paul's Choir School scholarships.

Over 70% of our families receive financial aid; the gala is our primary fundraiser to support these scholarships! Join us for a fun evening that does good for the community of Saint Paul's!

More than ever, we know the value of a smile. Masked or not, we communicate so much with them! Prepare for an evening of all smiles -- whether it is the friendly competition of the live auction, the quiet competitors battling in the silent auction, the gatherings of friends and family, the lovely works sung by the choir, or the plates of gorgeous food, there is more than enough to put a smile on everyone's face! Come enjoy the fun and festivities!

Among the many other wonderful things that take place at our annual gala, there is always the remarkable beauty of the Boston skyline. Setting the stage for an evening of fun, elegance, family, and friends, Boston's silhouette is the perfect backdrop for the music of the choir. Is there any better place to support the work of the boys and their scholarship? We think not!



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