join the summer program

Our co-educational program features small-group percussion instruction and full program performances!

Your son or daughter will enjoy activities in improvisational theatre, music movement, relay-based team-building games, critical thinking and code-breaking challenges, free play, snacks, and world music.

Don't miss out on a great week


for the full week.

Financial Aid is available. Students are also welcome to attend for fewer days to accommodate family schedules

Don't miss out on a great week

unique programming for:

juniors 4.5-7 years old
  • Junior percussion instruction

  • Junior Dalcroze music and rhythm

  • Improv theatre

  • Relay-based team games

intermediates 8-9 years old
  • Intermediate percussion instruction

  • Intermediate Dalcroze music and rhythm

  • Critical thinking & code breaking challenges

  • Leadership opportunity with Juniors in improv

seniors 10-11 years old
  • Senior percussion instruction

  • Senior Dalcroze music and rhythm

  • Leadership opportunity with Intermediates in Critical thinking & code breaking challenges

  • Relay-based team games

Don't miss out on a great week


9:00 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. 


Monday, August 17 until Friday, August 21

Please note that the June 15-19 dates are no longer offered in compliance with Governor's orders regarding school closure.


Music is our mission at SPCS! We are sharing our atmosphere of camaraderie and our expertise in music and choral programs for children.


This program is for 4.5 to 11 year old boys and girls.

It is staffed by SPCS faculty and alumni.


A week-long program in music, improv, critical thinking, and leadership 


Located at Saint Paul's Choir School in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Chladil, Summer Program Music & Rhythm Teacher

Learning in a musical ensemble, whether it's a chorus or a group music/movement class is inherently joyful and social! Through music, students learn teamwork and problem solving while making new friends!

Heather Schmid, Parent & Recording Artist

That was a triumph! It was honestly a masterclass in how to run a summer program! From the stylized programs to the t shirts and alumni counselors- to the daily debriefs, the mantra, and photo montages.The program was just so well organized and impressive. The fact that the kids learned music and bonded in a structured program was a bonus.

A Note Regarding Coronavirus:

As many of us have experienced, the number of summer programs available to children this year is greatly diminished. We remain hopeful that this program will run in-person, as intended. That operation will rely greatly on the re-opening plans set forth by our governor and Catholic Schools superintendent.


The following precautions will take place:


  • switch from singing (a primary means of spreading coronavirus) to percussion training and Dalcroze rythym theory methods

  • temperatures taken upon entry

  • classes held outdoors when possible

  • student groups have permanent "home bases" where teachers come to instruct

  • activities designed for 6 feet of distance between participants

  • face coverings worn at all times


Please remain hopeful and optimistic with us! As one of our alumni, Tim McGuirk ('07) so eloquently stated: "You [choir boys] are one of the best signs of hope in the world."

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