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character Formation

Educate & Elevate

“As a Catholic institution, we form boys in every dimension - intellect, body, and heart. This mission has an incalculable ‘multiplier effect’ as graduates go on to act as a force for justice, peace, beauty, and progress in our society.”

SPCS’s curriculum is inspired by the Catholic Church’s 2,000-plus-year history of cultural, scientific, literary, and philosophical learning. Every boy studies the beliefs and faith practices of Catholicism and comes to appreciate the reasons why one billion people share the Catholic faith across the world today. Recognizing the importance of prayer in cultivating one’s relationship with God, Holy Mass is celebrated each school day. By singing the Mass and understanding the rich musical tradition of the Church, each boy is invited to grow in his appreciation of the power of God in his life and respond as a faith-filled individual.

Many SPCS graduates go on to attend outstanding secondary schools, including Roxbury Latin, Saint Sebastian's School, Belmont Hill School, Catholic Memorial, Saint Joseph's Prep, Boston University Academy, Boston College High School, and Xaverian Brothers High School. 

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